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Why Made in Nile Textile

We got the Machines

Nile General Textile Limited Company has production machines such as digital printing, ironing, washing machines, cutting fabrics, weaving clothes and other.

Certified Experience

We have option to produce Organic Clothes under the Sub-Registered GOT certificate. We can share other certificates upon your requests.

Competitive Pricing

Always better to deal with producer to get competitive prices. We will be happy to do our best on pricing.


Mostly baby products are cotton combed fabrics and first quality fabrics. We guarantee on quality of material.

50 Years Experience

Nile General Textile is family-owned company. Company started to business since 1976 with baby products. Now production range from newborn to kids clothes.

Great Support

Please do not hesitate to ask questions on any step of business. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on import and logistics steps.

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